mandag 5. april 2010

James Lee Burke - Bitterroot.

The book i read now is Bitterroot, and it is James Lee Burke that has written it.
I have forgotten to write in my blog about the book, so i will write a little about it now.

The person in the book is Billy Bob Holland. He want to visit his friend Doc Voss, and Doc's daughter Maisey in Missoula.
When Billy came to Doc, they walked a little around and Doc show Billy the natur.
Doc takled a little about the place and about what had happend on the place.

The second day, Billy and Doc drove to the city to eat dinner whit Cleo. Cleo is Doc's best friend on that place, and they go to A-meetings together.
They eats and drink some beer's. In the room beside it sit's a biker gang, and the gang leader sits there. Outside it is many bikers and other people.

Doc goes to the gang leader, and Billy dont know why. Cleo says that Docs daughter has been attacked by the bikers, and the gang leader is the worst of them.

So far I think the book is a little hard to read, but it is a little exciting and i want to read more of the book.

tirsdag 2. mars 2010

National Stereotypes.

It is various types of national stereotypes we can talk about. People from different nations talk about other nations. Sometimes people can take that a little hard, negative, and positive.

We dont talk about people personal, but people in the country generally. People have different meanings about national stereotypes, and i think it is a little funny.

I can say someting about the russians.
They drink vodka, and use drugs in OL When I think over it, they are a little like the Germans, but Germans drink beer, eat susages and cabbage. Many of them dont have any sense of humor and the language is hard to learn and understand.

Mexicans just have a cheap job, and drink much tequila.

Canadians are verry politely and after sentences they say "Eh"

When they are going to say " about " they always say "aboot" . Typical Canadians.

People from China very loud when they are going to say or explain something.

People from Japanese are a little like people from China, but they like to take many pictures. They like to take pictures of blond girls. (They dont have any blond girls in Japanese)
They love Norway.

fredag 19. februar 2010

The first one !

What are Im doing here?

Frode is smart, and he thinks that we are going to write here in English.

I dont think that was a great idea, but maybe it can be a little fun. But that is just maybe.
And i really dont hope that people are going to use time (time that you can use to do other tings) to read this. I get bad conscience. :D